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These are the AI animated, fan-made, unofficial & student music videos made by independent artists that have made our Top-10 list over the last week.
Ranked by TikiKiti ratings.



These are a collection of the top fan-made and unofficial videos we've curated.


Since TikiKiti started we have watched and rated over 60,000 videos. That officially qualifies as a 'buttload.'

- TikiKiti


Artist Spotlight

Michael Krumlauf

Michael Krumlauf is a video producer in Denver who has mastered the art of creative music videos that are not just about the music, but also about engaging the audience on an emotion level. A style he has perfected.


Other Artists

About TikiKiti

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Celebrating the indie fan-made and unofficial music video producer - that’s who we are.

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How We Rate?

We rate videos on three criteria: production quality, creativity/performance and editing.



Cinematography, lighting, camera movements, sets, locations — all of these make up what we call “Production Quality.” And it doesn’t mean a big budget. It’s more about great ideas and inspired execution.

Creativity & Performance


We put these two together because they are so linked especially since so many
videos involve acting, singing and dancing. Standing out in the crowd requires creativity, energy and originality.



Cutting on motion, guiding eye movement, color timing... this is where good
videos come together. Good editing is more than just cutting on the beat, and it
helps good ideas and performances shine.

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A community you didn’t know you were a part of….

Sunday, March 17, 2024

A Slice of Life

Sometimes called observational cinema, mainly without a narrator's voice-over. The vérité style comes naturally to many as a way to just record what is happening right in front of them. It combines improvisation with use of the camera to unveil truth or highlight subjects hidden behind reality.

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Sunday, February 11, 2024

TKIFF Judges Panel

Being part of the panel of judges to a film festival can be a thanklesss job. We're here to recognize some of the incredibly talented producers who were part of our TKIFF this year.

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Friday, February 2, 2024

The Faces of TKIFF 2023

Here are the results of our 2023 TikiKiti International Film Festival. We started with 54 submissions. Since we are giving out two awards this year, one for a traditional, or in-real-life (IRL) video; and one for AI animation, the final 16 included eight from each category. With that established we still ended up with the ten final videos you see here.

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