Bringing Back the Music Video

The TikiKiti International Film Festival

You don’t have to look far to find how the driving force behind the fan-made/official music video format is a new generation of producers and musical artists. And there are some incredibly talented producers from all over the world.

So here we are — The TikiKiti International Film Festival — chance to show the world your music videos. AND… It’s free.

Yes, Free — You just upload your video to your YouTube™ channel and tag TikiKiti by using the following #hashtags: #tikikiti; #tikikitifest; #tikikitifilmfestival; #tkiff; or, if you feel like typing try this: #tikikitiinternationalfilmfestival. But hey! Why type? It’s all right here for you to copy and paste.
There is also a third way. A simple Submit form is now on the home page and the Submit Video link. Too easy — and the best way to make sure we don't miss your video.

Check out How To Submit to find all the rules — you know, there’s always rules (remember — Free). Two awards will be given out. One will be a People's Choice — for the fan-made music video that has the most views and "likes;" and one Judges Award chosen by our panel.

If you say you’re not good enough — well, we don’t believe you. We see amazing work submitted from producers worldwide.

So, what is a fan-made & unofficial music video?
As you can see by the examples below, the video begins when the song begins and ends when the song ends. It is okay to have an intro scene and an exit scene. But, do not break up the song midway with some type of narrative (or anything like grunts and strange sounds). Just use the original song in all its glory.

If you go to our Ratings page there is a list of Do's and Don't's. Also, make sure the video is your original video. Do not search YouTube™ for video clips. This creates a completely different type of video we call a Mashup and they are not excepted for the 2022 TKIFF.

Here are some examples of fan-made and unofficial videos we have seen over the last five years.

If you have any questions (we assume you will) then please visit our Facebook or Instagram pages and DM us. If you have a lengthy question and are into email here’s our address: