Bringing Back the Music Video

Who is TikiKiti?

You don’t have to look far to find how the driving force behind the fan-made/unofficial music video format is a new generation of producers and musical artists. And we are finding some incredibly talented producers from all over the world.

So, what is a fan-made & unofficial music video?

As you can see by the examples below, the video begins when the song begins and ends when the song ends. It is okay to have an intro scene and an exit scene. But, do not break up the song midway with some type of narrative (or anything like grunts and strange sounds). Just use the original song in all its glory. If you go to our Ratings page there is a list of Do's and Don't's. Also, make sure the video is your original video. Do not search YouTube™ for video clips — or any other site that you can download video clips. This creates a completely different type of video we call a Mashup and not rated as highly as the original production. Here are some examples of fan-made and unofficial videos we have seen over the last five years.

If you have a video you want us to see just check out How To Submit to find all the rules — you know, there are always rules.

If you say you’re not good enough — well, we don’t believe you. We see amazing work submitted from producers worldwide.

Some important things to think about before submitting a video
1. NSFW (not suitable for work) videos will not be considered. Keep your porn to yourself. We don’t want to see it.

2. All videos will be accessible through your personal, professional or group YouTube channel.

3. Original music is acceptable as well as the fan-made, unofficial music video. The popular music video is between 2 minutes and 6 minutes long. We will be flexible on this — especially if you do a great video. NOTE: If you wrote a 42 minute electronic piece (or anything like this) it will likely not be accepted. No one wants to sit through your magnum opus. Likewise, a piece that is under 2 minutes is considered a test piece and not a music video. Understand what a popular music video is.

4. All videos must be in cinematic landscape (16x9 perspective or greater). That means a horizontal (landscape) perspective and not a vertical (portrait) perspective. The “TikTok” style will not be accepted. NOTE: You may include an edit in your cinematic perspective using the vertical style if it fits your videos narrative. Just not the majority of the video. Also, a square perspective may be considered.

5. An entire song will be used from beginning to end. Resist the temptation to stop the song and add spoken elements or sound effects.

6. No Show Reels. We are not going to promote your company. We are not saying your submission cannot be part of a show reel. It just needs to stand on its own.

7. No lyric videos. That is, videos that just have the lyrics in what ever style or animation imaginable. If you do have lyrics (or subtitles) place them at the bottom of the frame — not in the middle.

8. If you are submitting to the TikiKiti International Film Festival (TKIFF) you must include contact information. Included will be YouTube, Instagram and/or Facebook accounts. Email addresses would be appreciated. A video with an email address or any other social media contact info will be looked at favorably. If we comment on your YouTube channel please respond with other contact info.

9. You MUST include your country.

10. No commercial videos or product endorsements. See #6 above.

11. Videos may include an intro scene as well as an “outro” scene. However, these two scenes should not be longer than the actual music video. Credits are admissible but preferably at the end.

12. No AI created music. Original or existing music only. This means, humans created the music.

13. If you’re producing a fan-made or unofficial video,  do not speed up or slow down the original music. The music must be used as it was originally recorded.

14. If you are using someone else’s music your video will be considered a fan-made and unofficial video. If you are using someone else’s  video — credit the source. We hope it would be an original source and not a stock video company such as Pixels.

15. For TKIFF submissions, you will not be notified if your video has been accepted or not. All submissions that have been accepted will appear on the TikiKiti YouTube page in a unique playlist. Position in this playlist does not indicate any preference on our part, merely the date it was accepted after a review by our panel.

If you have any questions about these parameters please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

If you have any questions (we assume you will) then please visit our Facebook or Instagram pages and DM us. If you have a lengthy question and are into email here’s our address: