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TikiKiti International Film Festival
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Top 10 Videos

These are videos that have made our top 10 list over the last week. Ranked by TikiKiti ratings.



These are a collection of the top videos we've curated.


Since TikiKiti started we have watched and rated over 60,000 videos. That officially qualifies as a 'buttload.'

- TikiKiti


Kevin Bodin

I am Kevin Bodin. I have been an independent video maker for five years. I studied video editing. I am fond of music and cinema, since my youngest age. I am a self-taught director. I come from the South of France but I have been living in Paris for seven years now...

Kevin Bodin

How We Rate?

We curate and exhibit indie music videos. From the thousands of student, fan and unofficial videos submitted to YouTube daily, we bring you the best. We rate videos on three criteria: production quality, creativity/performance and editing.



Cinematography, lighting, camera movements, sets, locations — all of these make up what we call “Production Quality.” And it doesn’t mean a big budget. It’s more about great ideas and inspired execution.

Creativity & Performance


We put these two together because they are so linked especially since so many
videos involve acting, singing and dancing. Standing out in the crowd requires creativity, energy and originality.



Cutting on motion, guiding eye movement, color timing... this is where good
videos come together. Good editing is more than just cutting on the beat, and it
helps good ideas and performances shine.

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A community you didn’t know you were a part of….

Monday, August 29, 2022

TikiKiti Awards: Early Summer 2022

For this month's edition of our Top 5 videos, we visit Poland, Belgium, Germany, and France.

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Friday, March 4, 2022

TikiKiti Award Nominees — Winter 21-22

Like Alice's Rabbit, I'm running late and there is much to discuss, including new goings-on at TikiKiti. We'll be continuing our mission of curating Unofficial Music Videos from every point on the map, but we're also going to delve through our archive of videos and try to connect some cultural dots, in the form of (drumroll please!) the first annual TikiKiti International Film Festival (TKIFF).

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Saturday, August 28, 2021

TikiKiti Award Nominees — Summer '21

As you may recall, we, the cultured cats of TikiKiti, have been curating and collecting brilliant examples of rock video artistry from all points on the Atlas for more than five years. And it bears repeating: The quality and depth of your work is killing us in the best way possible.

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