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For the past six years, the TikiKiti (tee-kee kit-ee) Collective has established a home for Unofficial Music Videos from every point on the globe, ranging from spirited student and amateur productions to dazzling, industry-ready finished works.  

To date, we’ve eyeballed about 80,000 of them, originating from more than 30 different countries.

These video creators usually apply the music of established commercial artists to their creations in the spirit of “Fair Use.” TikiKiti is not a commercial enterprise, no one is profiting unfairly.

We compare, critique, and categorize these videos, discussing both the Big Picture (culture, world events, collective fears) and the Small Picture (style, artistry, editing, concepts).

TikiKiti is a curated showcase of fan-made music videos, casting a spotlight on emerging filmmakers with the raw talent to create visual impact, and at the same time, speak volumes about shared cultural touchstones from Ireland to Iran.

We will continue awarding our own Barclay Trophy on a regular basis for the Top Video Artist’s work, but we’re expanding our horizons. The TikiKiti International Film Festival is the next step in our evolution.

Our new website serves as a World Video Music arcade, from which you can browse entire continents for indigenous music videos fashioned from the crude elements at hand.

Take a moment to see and hear what’s on the minds of restless street youth in Singapore. Dance troupes from Poland. Alienated English school kids. Forlorn Finns. Ambivalent Americans.

You’ll meet them all, and more. We’re building audiences instead of walls.

TikiKiti International Film Festival

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