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Monday, February 17, 2020

We've had the Oscars, the Golden Globes, and the NBA Slam Dunk competition, but awards season is far from over. The TikiKiti brain trust has decreed that we will presently name the best Unofficial Music Video of 2019, from among our monthly Barclay Award winners.

If you want to send us your valuable opinion or organize an office pool, please do so.

Here are some of the parameters that we consider when rating a video:

1.  Production quality: includes cinematography, production design, location and sets.

2.  Creativity and Performance: includes acting, costumes, dancing, lip syncing, abstract imagery.

3. Editing: includes cutting to beat and motion, creative editing,  fast-paced cutting, image-replacement editing.

Here are your past winners!

Producer: Tanya Kostadinova  Artist: Boney M, "Daddy Cool"

Filmmaker Tanya Kostadinova conveys megawatts of sustainable energy with editing that writhes like a second skin to an insidiously bouncy pop tune.


Producer: Ross Reinier  Artist: Gary Clark Jr, "Come Together"

Precision cuts combined with a gnarly rock 'n' roll insurrection demonstrates the power of attitude over authoritarianism—an emboldened Philippines youth culture is given a glam makeover by Ross Reinier.


Producer: Bhai Log/Team Transformerz  Artist: Billie Eilish, "Bury A Friend"

An Indian ghost story about three pals exploring a haunted house set to Billie Eilish's downbeat dance tune.

Producer: Ido Fruchter  Artist: Asaf Avidan & The Mojos, "The Ghost of a Thousand Little Lies"

Director Ido Fruchter has successfully fashioned a marvelous miniature dystopian drama that depicts learning and knowledge as a painful process.

Producer: Derek Newman  Artist: Françoise Hardy, "Comment Te Dire, Adieu?"

Derek Newman deliciously blends self-improvement and horror to sensational effect.

Producer: Kathryn Janko  Artist: Solomon Wilbur‚ "Show Me Love"

A trio of overworked paper-pushers try to smash through the glass ceiling while simultaneously realizing their jobs pretty much suck—a powerful and unsettling message.

Producer: Will Lucas  Artist: Arianna Grande, "Sometimes"

Very robust visual storytelling and sensible use of metaphor imagery, e.g., mousetraps, fishing lures, board games.

Producer: Kevin Bodin  Artist: Saez, ‚"Les Cours Des Lycées"

The assured craftsmanship exhibited in Kevin Bodin's provocative video is faultless and hypnotic.

Producer: Nicole Adams  Artist: Quinn XCII & Kailee Morgue, "What The Hell Happened To Us?"

A flawless narrative continuum—the lip-synch is tight as a drum and every detail is correctly styled and properly executed.

Producer: Avikbangalee  Artist: Disturbed, "The Sounds of Silence"

Equal parts inspiring and visually compelling, this video from Bangladesh shimmers like a neon painting.


Producer: Rank The Lion  Artist: Yellow Ostrich, "Whale"

Here's a budget throwback to music video buffoonery of the highest order.

Okay, you've seen the contenders. We've assembled an august panel of judges for the occasion, but by all means jump and make yourself heard! Comments, criticism, comedy, controversy... We welcome it all.

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