TikiKiti Awards: Winter 2023

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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Sorry the place is a bit of a mess. We’re redecorating, renovating, and removing all the guacamole stains from the furniture. That’s no excuse for letting the incoming pile of Unofficial Music Videos accumulate to such dizzying heights.

Your humble curators have been preoccupied with our latest endeavor, the TikiKiti International Film Festival, which has opened new doors and introduced us to even more emerging artists whose work we’re thrilled to share with you every time we get together.

Typically distracted by the shinier things, we’ve lost another battle with the calendar, and are forced to condense missing months into manageable chunks until we catch up to the present and avoid all those late fees.

First, we need to clear up some old business from 2022, and bestow the much sought-after Barclay Award to a hungry, blooming creative from a distant (or not) land. Without further fuss and feathers, let us embark on another video voyage of discovery!

Producer: Elisa Sofie O.

Artist: Billie Eilish
Song: “Goldwing”
Category: Performance

Welcome back, Billie Eilish! Czech filmmaker Elisa Sofie Opletalova incisively illustrates the danger of being too damn golden for your own good. Undamaged merchandise is worth the most on the streets, so throw a hoodie over your noble spirit. Listen to Billie and “keep your head down” when you’re out amongst the great unwashed because the parasite population is always looking for new blood.  

Producer: Miguel Tangi

Artist: Meryem Aboulouafa
Song: “The Friend”
Category: Narrative

This luminous French production by Miguel Tangi of a song by a Moroccan pop singer is yet another warning to vulnerable citizens. The friends we make aren’t all good ones. Sometimes they represent a past that needs escaping, usually in the form of a persistent posse of pests and dullards (from high school).

Producer: Jarren Lau

Artist: Jvke
Song: “Golden Hour”
Category: Performance

Shining hearts dance divinely through the mysterious and the mundane, so moved by the choreography of l’amour.

A sincere Thank You to video director Jarren Lau, from Singapore, for the first video we’ve seen in a while that suggests it’s actually a good idea to go outside.

Producer: Grauer Online School

Artist: Raena Jade
Song: “Underwater”
Category: Narrative

From the Grauer School Online in the United States (yay) comes a surgically arranged download of snaps from a trying day on the soul of a Mustang driving protagonist. A trip to the beach, a couple cigarettes, and drinks isn’t enough to fill the void of spiritual malaise.

Producer: ION Film

Artist: Chang Kiha
Song: “Envy None”
Category: Performance

South Korean students get drunk and tackle the toxic topic of envy: Why does it wreck everything, and will we ever be free of its evil grip? Or as humans, is it something we’re just stuck with? Intricately edited to the point of hypnosis!

That’s a truckload of advice from all over the globe, freely given by artists and fellow humans trying to articulate their feelings in a most groovy way.

These feelings should look and feel familiar, no matter their zip code of origin.

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