TikiKiti Award Nominees — Winter 2020

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Friday, January 1, 2021

Well my world used to be sunny
And jokes used to be funny
But now you're gone
And everything's turned around
Well my world used to be warm
And there never was a storm
But now you're gone
And everything's turned upside down

There's a chill in the air and the folks at the bus stop can see their breath. Either that, or they're vaping.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve. Festivity is proving hard to come by, but we muddle through somehow.

The numbers are off the charts and still climbing. There's a vaccine, but we're at the back of the line, behind the people who told us there was nothing to worry about.

Here at TK HQ, we continue to label and sort all of your charming videos, warmed by the glow of dauntless creativity.  'Cause baby, it's cold outside.

Our current Top Five Videos are from October and November, in an effort to compress our timeline and allow for more entries.

And who is us? TikiKiti is a nebulous cloud of  filmmakers, writers, and flaky artistic types, who appreciate Unofficial Music Videos from honest, hard-working citizens of Planet Earth.

On a "monthly" basis we present the five top shorts, with the coveted Barclay Trophy awarded to the best of the bunch, as determined by an erudite panel of judges.  

1. Producer: Arman Karkhan
Artist: Apparat
Song: "Goodbye"
Category: Narrative

Our memories of love often take on the consistency of a dream or hallucination. Iranian filmmaker Arman Karkhane conveys the elusive, ineffable qualities of that particular feeling through precision art direction and utmost patience.

2. Producer: Jonathan Ehlers
Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Song: "Run Like Hell"
Category: Narrative

A serious and seriously disturbing short film set to Nine Inch Nails by filmmaker Jonathan Ehlers. In rapid-fire succession we get blinks of heinous acts that we are somehow complicit in. Like an episode of Criminal Minds hatched by Touch Of Evil-era Orson Welles or David Lynch, it feels like something we're not supposed to see.  

3. Producer: Ekest
Artist: Kaina
Song: "Arise"
Category: Vérité

You can't go wrong with dazzling topography, especially if you have a drone camera handy. Thoughtfully edited and realized, there's more here than just scenery. It's an entire story only tangentially about the cameraman.

4. Producer: Basko & Stephanie Chiasson
Artist: Travis Scott
Song: "Stop Trying To Be God"
Category: Performance

Sometimes in our quest to be better human beings we don't recognize when we fall short. Aspirations are great—desperation, not so much. Maybe someday we'll be granted the grace to accept what we cannot change or control. Then we can start living?

5. Producer: Seonghoon Park
Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Song: "The World's Five Ever Monster Truck Front Flip"
Category: Narrative

More communications from the deep space of our own isolation. Technologically speaking, we're doing everything possible to reach each other, to those above and below. So where is everybody?

We're still here and we're sending virtual video hugs from the Middle East to South Korea. Because that's what we do. The globe is big, but it's not that big, once we get to know each other.

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