TikiKiti Award Nominees — Summer 2020

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Sunday, February 9, 2020

"Holes in our spirit causing tears and fears. / One-sided stories for years and years and years. / I'm inferior? Who's inferior? / Yeah, we need to check the interior / of the system that cares about only one culture."

We're on a consolidation kick here at TK HQ, truncating the months of May, June, and July into a single post, since the video flow has slowed to a trickle during the summer solstice.

How are you? How are you coping? In the streets of my town, local and secret police are beating citizens while rolling out the red carpet for white supremacist demonstrators.

Meanwhile, the national and international media is helpfully portraying Portland, Oregon as a city torn asunder by fires and violent protests, in need of a strong federal hand to come in and restore order.

You may remember this strategy working for Hitler, at least for a while.  

Fortunately, we have something that law-abiding German citizens did not have: Smart phones.

Even as journalists from local news agencies—as well as those bearing more distinguished press credentials—are being assaulted and arrested, waves of observers continue to witness and record horrifying brutality.  

The belabored point is, with something as simple as a Samsung, you can help make a record of the truth, either as a documentarian or as someone who can create art on a shocking canvas.

Images survive, they always do. Google the My Lai Massacre.

Sorry for the dour diatribe, but we're living through a barrage of teachable moments, and it's time for action.

Speaking of which, here's another reminder that TikiKiti is a quirky collective of filmmakers, writers, and designers, who love popping bowls of corn and cueing up a heaping platter of Unofficial Music Videos from folks just like you, hailing from every spot on the globe.

On a "monthly" basis we showcase the five top shorts, and present the distinguished Barclay Trophy to the highest vote-getter.  

Let's soak up that summer sun and pretend the Beach Boys are playing down at the pier.

1. Producer: Reilly Elizabeth
Artist: Kim Petras
Song: "Demons"
Category: Narrative

Wow. Here's riveting visual evidence that one doesn't need drones, breathtaking vistas, and a choreographed squad of steppers to spice up a production. Seamless editing with the proper song and committed performers can work wonders.

2. Producer: Exorsten
Artist: Moderat
Song: "Mode2"
Category: Abstract

Another simple concept taken to extreme artistic lengths. Flash and fade closeups of mouths, ears, and hands set to bursts of explosive electronica had us on the verge of over stimulation.

3. Producer: Tommy Montgomery
Artist: New York Voices
Song: "Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens"
Category: Performance

Is Tommy Montgomery the Orson Welles of Unofficial Videos, or the Weird Al? While lip-sync buffoonery isn't exactly high art, the painstaking amount of work that went into something this corny and cute should be applauded. Every detail is rendered with joyful precision.

4. Producer: FlacoLoco Productions
Artist: Tyson Childers
Song: "Nose on the Grindstone"
Category: Performance

This particular tune by Tyson Childers obviously resonates, since this is the second time it's gotten the video treatment. Just another small, searing portrait about finding a reason to believe despite having all the cards stacked against you in a rigged game.  

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