TikiKiti Award Nominees — Spring 2021

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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

No one is united
And all things are untied
Perhaps we're boiling over inside
They've been telling lies
Who's been telling lies?
There are no angels
There are devils in many ways

Hello dears! Uncle TK has come visiting, and he's bringing presents for everybody. Hope you like Unofficial Music Videos!

Time has passed. From the safety of our bunkers we've seen December, January, and February roll by like tumblin' tumbleweeds. Folks in masks are waking up from winter's grip and smelling cherry blossoms in the air. That's a fine scent, even more invigorating than potpourri.  

Have you gotten your shots yet? I'm set to get poked here real soon. I reached this decision after testing a bathtub vaccine that made my hair fall out. Maybe then we can hang out or get coffee or some such. If distance makes the heart grow fonder, then we're busting out all over.

TikiKiti has been posting vivid video postcards from distant shores for a few years now, and we're starting to see return work from artists, including past winners of the Barclay Trophy.

Our current Top Five Videos include another winner from Parisian filmmaker Kevin Bodin, whose Velvet Hammer approach to video continues to amaze and inspire.

1. Producer: Ambre Dore & Kevin Bodin Films
Artist: Ambre Dore
Song: "Karmen"
Category: Narrative

As we've seen before, Kevin Bodin approaches a song like a painter eyeing a blank canvas, except that he leaves room for other dimensions. The word I'm looking for is sweep. The best filmmakers have the ability to knock us off our feet with the deft synchronization of sight and sound. Here, dormant passions erupt in a dark industrial future when love is forbidden and only practiced by outlaws.

2. Producer: Diana Gorgieva
Artist: Sabrina Claudio
Song: "Stand Still"
Category: Performance

At once ethereal and intimate, Diana Gorgieva's creative diary reveals an artistic star emerging in the firmament. Whether it's dancing, painting or chasing a mood, Gorgieva looks breathtaking in every frame of this visual resume. Perhaps her greatest gift is as a filmmaker.  

3. Producer: Teo Whale
Artist: Son Lux
Song: "Remedy,
Surging Sea"
Category: Narrative

Bygone memories surface like old slides loaded into a projector that play in a blurry, fragmented loop. Teo Whale weaves snapshots in time into a haunting family mosaic, both joyful and tragic.  

4. Producer: Berty & Next Studio
Artist: Interwayne
Song: "Shadow Entity"
Category: Abstract

It seems that every moment we're inundated with messages and various forms of stimulation. That subtle bombardment requires time and tools to decompress. "Shadow Entity" hits like this, an interlude that focuses on the most recent barrage of feelings, and deciding which ones need to go further and which ones just need to go.

5. Producer: Yanin Chanasit
Artist: Oh Wonder
Song: "Lose It"
Category: Narrative

It is impossible to achieve the aim without suffering. But is being in a constant state of nervous exhaustion over the next final a sustainable lifestyle? No indeed. Yanin Chanasit reminds us that some goals are not worth the cost in trauma.

Hate to sound like a broken record (if you need to Google that phrase, do so now), but the quality and scope of your Unofficial Music Videos are growing like weeds. Every time we see them, they've gotten so much bigger!

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