TikiKiti Award Nominees — January '20

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Signs, signs, everywhere signs
Blockin' out the scenery, breakin' my mind
Do this, don't do that, can't you read the signs?

Ever think we'd look at two months ago as "the good old days?"  

The "nasty bug" has evolved into an indiscriminate killer, a viral assassin that has the potential to change our world faster than you can say "gesundheit."

Folks and friends, we're going into lockdown and hoping for the best. As long as water, food, and visual entertainment are plentiful, then we should have the fortitude to emerge on the other side of this episode as better humans.

Since we're all going to be riding the couch for a while, how about a challenge? The Brain Trust is currently incubating an idea about a quarantine-themed music video campaign/competition. More about that very soon.

Remember, TikiKiti is the place where we critically examine your Unofficial Music Videos on a sort-of monthly basis, and present the Barclay Trophy to a deserving filmmaker.

Now let us share the bounty of January's five finest flicks.

1. Producer: Shayan Rahmati
Artist: ArtSaves
Song: "My Autumn's Done Come"
Category: Abstract

We've seen these elements before. Multi-speed footage of commuter traffic is nothing new, but set upon a cityscape that appears entirely bereft of humanity drives home a grim point. Shayan Rahmati delivers thoughtful images that just keep unfolding.    

2. Producer: Sanne Gunes
Artist: Dotan
Song: "Home II"
Category: Narrative

In the military, you find reasons to fight. When that's over, you find a reason to live. The road home can be filled with dangerous missteps, but it's the people who live there that make it necessary. An exhilarating and poignant creation.

3. Producer: Elio De Filippo
Artist: Röyksopp
Song: "Running to the Sea"
Category: Narrative

Can we ever really escape the darkness or is it just another part of the landscape that we have to navigate? And what do we sacrifice to achieve our goals? Keep on running and don't stop until you get there. Evocative and provocative despite redundancy. It's about the resilience of the human spirit, and how we often don't get it right the first time.

4. Producer: Cloud (Lou)
Artist: Cloud
Song: "Crawl"
Category: Performance

An illustrated and annotated guide to the various self-doubts and anxieties typically found in both adolescence and art, searingly and skillfully revealed by artist/musician Cloud. We will undoubtedly be hearing and seeing more from her.

5. Producer: J Films
Artist: Aurora
Song: "Churchyard"
Category: Performance

Colors, commitment, and choreography rendered without artiface. The editing and unstable framing lend even more movement to an already moving experience.

Have we told you lately that we adore your work and that these intimate glimpses into wildly different cultures make the world a little smaller for everyone?

We've been apart for so long. Let's get together.

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