TikiKiti Award Nominees — Fall 2021

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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Holy macaroni! Feast your eyes and ears on this bunch of Unofficial Music Videos!

Usually we start things with a neighborly preamble ("Hey! Looking good! You been lifting?"), but this edition of the TikiKiti Awards is an abundance of riches. To put it in plain English, deciding on a winning video out of the current batch of entries was a grueling process.

We could have made a case for several videos from our Fall Class of 2021 as being in the running for the esteemed Barclay Trophy. There was so much high-quality work that it came down to personal preferences from the panel of judges, and even then it was the thinnest of margins.  

Your TikiKiti crew is a loose-knit cadre of creatives on hand to inspect vital examples of Unofficial Rock Videos from all points in the inhabited galaxy, a task we've been muddling through for nearly six years. We continue to gaze in awe at your artistic achievements, whether it's a big-budget, tech-heavy epic, or just some kids having fun.

We're not concerned with limitations at TikiKiti, because as the video evidence mounts, we realize there aren't any. You, the burgeoning filmmaker, continue to find ways to write your own rules and create entire worlds.

Our winning artist goes by the name Enrg Milk and he hails from Ireland. We'll also visit Chicago, Canada, and Los Angeles on this trip through our cultural salad bar. Take as many helpings as you want.

1. Producer: Enrg Milk
Artist: Playmint
Song: "Real Alien Ships"
Category: Narrative

This is what we're talking about when we mention "World Building." Enrg Milk manages to create a detailed aesthetic that harkens back to the glory days of low-budget Sci-Fi, while carrying a catchy melody.

2. Producer: Leah Bleich
Artist: Nicole Reynolds
Song: "We Are Haunted"
Category: Narrative

Warning: This video contains heart-wrenching scenes of domestic entropy from the point of view of a child. LA-based filmmaker Leah Bleich demonstrates a sophisticated camera eye that brings us uncomfortably close.

3. Producer: Karsen & Jacob Chandler
Artist: Superorganism
Song: "Something For Your M.I.N.D."
Category: Narrative

Hey! Let's have a baby! After all, these are the best of times and nothing could possibly go wrong. A musical meditation on adult anxiety while waiting for a visit from the stork.

4. Producer: Joshua Lee Videos
Artist: Bella Poarch
Song: "Build A Bitch"
Category: Narrative

Another view from the gamer's couch, this one fixed firmly on the endless quest for a blissful relationship. You can't design your own perfect lover but you can enjoy the dance.

5. Producer: Gabriel Goldman & Allan Rodriguez
Artist: Gerard Way
Song: "Happy Together"
Category: Narrative

This cover of The Turtles' hit is a hit. What looks like a run-of-the-mill narrative really takes off and soars thanks to ingenuity, editing, and non-embarrassing CGI!

There are some fairly educated folks out there who claim our social skills are eroding through continuing isolation. Work from home, no-show at gatherings, delivered food, etc.

TikiKiti is a vitally important tool of expression that speaks volumes about our collective joys and fears. And it knows no boundaries.  Everybody into the pool!

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