TikiKiti Award Nominees — Fall 2020

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Friday, December 11, 2020

Please don't dominate the rap, Jack
If you've got nothing new to say
If you please, don't back up the track
This train's got to run today

Gosh, what a year. From a Stygian coal mine of fear and despair, we tentatively surface to a patch of daylight. *knock wood*

We're still quarantined (Is there a band called The Quaranteens? If not, there should be) and from all accounts we're heading into a brutal winter that's going to make the first wave look like a badminton match.

Naturally, our main source of video material has slowed due to  schools being in limbo for the time being, but we press on. And though we've been fusing months together (currently August and September) to gather the most entries, we TikiKiti cats have been bowled over by the high quality of your Unofficial Music Videos.

This installment of our Top Five Videos is actually a Top Six, because we wanted to recognize a crop of artists that really went the extra mile to blow our minds. Well done, indeed!

Might I remind you that TikiKiti is an evolving coterie of filmmakers, writers, and designers, who want nothing more than the chance to appreciate Unofficial Music Videos from good people just like you.

On a "monthly" basis we showcase the five top shorts, and present the distinguished Barclay Trophy to the highest vote-getter.  

1. Producer: Globeheads
Artist: Globeheads
Song: "Raw"
Category: Narrative

Mysterious surveillance video from clandestine group challenging the idea that dissatisfied citizens can retreat into the safety of a narcotic stupor. They're watching and they'll always find you. Have a nice day.

2. Producer: Kevin Bodin
Artist: Saez
Song: "Toi tu dis que t'es bien sans moi"
Category: Narrative

An absolutely flawless and ravishing video from Barclay winner Kevin Bodin, who creates a remarkably rich world for his lovers to navigate. Look and feel are in perfect synch, it's both elegant and heartfelt.

3. Producer: Valentin Stutznäcker
Artist: Mandragora & Devochka
Song: "Shiva Style"
Category: Narrative

The recurring dream this month seems to be exploring escapism routes. Once again our protagonist chooses the wrong door after getting overstimulated on drugs and video games.

4. Producer: Emily Larkin
Artist: Eyedea & Abilities
Song: "Now"
Category: Performance

Filmmaker Emily Larkin produced this amazing video while dealing with the effects of quarantine isolation. Truly one of the finest performance and lip-sync videos I've ever seen.

5. Producer: Cinevision
Artist: Rosie Carney
Song: "Bare"
Category: Narrative

The world keeps turning whether we're still in love or not. We're linked to a mud ball flying through space at dangerous speeds. It's incredible that we're able to communicate at all. Not a super-original idea, but brilliantly executed.

6. Producer: Juanito Ellicruz
Artist: Owl City
Song: "Firelies"
Category: Narrative

Marvelous slice of post-Covid life in the Phillippines. Take a walk and let your mind and soul wander in the face of captivity.

Remember friends, our months may get mashed, but we're committed to the cause. We're here rain or shine.

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