TikiKiti Awards: Early Summer 2022

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Monday, August 29, 2022

Change is in the air. You have stepped through an evolving door.

Yes, you’re in the right shop for an ongoing exploration of Unofficial Music Videos from the far corners of the planet, that mysteriously wash up on our shores in ever expanding numbers.

Like good little beachcombers we sift and sort through video detritus, passing comment and making artistic judgments. It’s what we do.

For six years, we, the cats from the TikiKiti Collective have taken a pointed interest in these enigmatic works of narrative, dance, and stream-of-consciousness collage that originate from the minds and laptops of people who just happen to be citizens of Ireland, Indonesia, Iran, and Iceland—and that’s just the I’s!

We aim to bring everybody a bit closer by establishing tikikiti.video as a place for artistic artifacts that speak to our hearts and minds during a pressurized present when we continue to witness cultural fracturing on all sides.

Not here, not in our neighborhood.

Now let’s examine the goods. We have six videos this time around, as there was a tie at Number 5. Poland, France, Germany, Belgium, and the United States are on our itinerary.  

1. Producer: Michal Dlugolecki
Artist: Black Sabbath
Song: “NIB”
Category: Narrative

Apparently Hammer horror films are popular in Poland. Warsaw filmmaker Michal Dlugoleck strikes an eerie mood piece accompanied by a Black Sabbath classic about making contact with dark forces. There will be blood. Blazing symmetry between song and image.

2. Producer: Gerardo Gonzalez
Artist: Jessie Reyes
Song: “Figures”
Category: Narrative

A young dancer exorcises the spirit of a lost lover by dancing, dreaming, and drinking. Her anxiety manifests itself in the shape of a giant leprechaun. Eventually she moves on, and so does the leprechaun. Gerardo Gonzalez (Belgium) depicts substantial emotional fallout gracefully and without judgment.

3. Producer: Zaniah Sims
Artist: Avril Lavigne
Song: “Girlfriend”
Category: Performance

High wattage performances and smart wardrobe choices carry this teen romp about exploding hormones as told from the other side of the gender fence. Energy and commitment balance out technical shortcomings.

4. Producer: Christian Szczerba
Artist: Kavinsky
Song: “Nightcall”
Category: Narrative

A man and a woman follow parallel paths to meet up at the top of a tall building. Along the way, they role play as spies and secret agents. Someone is thrown from the building. French director Christian Szczerba employs a split screen to follow the lovers on their dangerous journey.

5. Producer: FlemmFlemm
Artist: KIZ
Song: “Oskar der Elefant”
Category: Narrative

An odd little German jazz-folk tune with somber, expressionist animation about a captive elephant. Sad elephants wreck me and I found this video to be extremely moving, though the lyrics are largely nonsensical.  

5. Producer: Fedor Prunkov
Artist: The Blaze
Song: “She”
Category: Narrative

Postcards from a road trip romance that straddles the line between Vérité and Narrative approaches. We’re always told to focus on the good times, which is exactly what Spain-based video artist Fedor Prunkov has done here, coating the scenery in a haze of pleasant memory foam.

Stick around and have a look at our new site. We’re growing and gradually getting our shit together.

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