TikiKiti Award Nominees — April 2020

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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Lock up the streets and houses / Because there's something in the air
We've got to get together sooner or later / Because the revolution's here, and you know it's right.

No need for any April Fool's pranks this year, m'kay? We've been nearly fooled to death.

Looking around, it appears that rage is all the rage. People are pissed off and rightfully so. The system has failed us, time and again.

Rage is a powerful emotion and we've seen what it can do by itself. Rage coupled with the urge to create can be incredibly cathartic.

I've said as much before, and it bears repeating: Use it. Take your iPhone or Android and make a little movie. Maybe add a little song.

If you can take that step, TikiKiti is here as a forum for video artists from literally every part of the planet. Month after month, we see what's on your mind, no matter which continent you call home.

We're a cranky collective of filmmakers, writers, and designers, who stay up most nights watching your Unofficial Music Videos, and forming opinions.

On a quasi-monthly basis we showcase the five shorts we've picked as best, and present the distinguished Barclay Trophy to the most deserving creator.  

Sometimes, like this month, we have two winners.

1. Producer: Ekest
Artist: Fleurie
Song: "Breathe"
Category: Narrative

First stop, Finland. Doesn't it seem like the whole universe is one big Missed Encounter? A bit of bad timing and entire timelines of possibilities collapse. This is first-rate shot composition and a concept beautifully realized.

1. Producer: Foxy Creatures

Artist: Funny Bunny
Song: "Bang Bang"
Category: Performance

A decidedly unglamorous take on the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, complete with the questionable allure of self-destructive hedonism.

3. Producer: Charlotte Jouin
Artist: David Bowie
Song: "Lady Grinning Soul"
Category: Abstract

Is she a moth or a butterfly? It's hard to tell in black & white. This is a marvelous pairing of song and image. French filmmaker Charlotte Jouin's admiration for David Bowie rings clear and true in every frame.

4. Producer: Ibrahim Tunc
Artist: Sven-Holger Rosenvinge
Song: "Dancing"
Category: Performance

All the preparation before the moment can be both excruciating and exhilarating. Flawless editing and a riveting performance highlight this video short from Sweden.  

5. Producer: Richard Egan & Laragh McCann
Artist: Jape
Song: "The Sea Shade"
Category: Narrative

Deep summer memories of love and wonder are worth every hour of survival drudgery on the way to the grave. This delicate entry from Ireland deftly depicts the very real bloom of new sensations, wrapped in a dreamlike gauze as if viewed from a different time.  

I wish we could cash in on the air miles, or at least get our passports stamped. Finland, France, Sweden, and Ireland all in one trip? This is globetrotting without losing your luggage.

Footnote: We haven't forgotten Best Video of 2019, and we'll have a winner momentarily!

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