Miguel De Brito

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Thursday, May 18, 2023
Miguel De Brito — Winner of the Winter 2023 Barclay Award

Miguel De Brito

A storyteller with a camera.  

All of Miguel De Brito’s short films are exceptionally produced — and award-winning. Miguel, who hails from Brittany in northwest France, won the Barclay Award for his video to “The Friend” by Meryem Aboulouafa. His style concentrates on the narrative and his brilliant cinematography helps tell a very precise story. No matter how abstract his films, he draws in his audience and they become part of the story.

Being part of the Kino Movement * has allowed Miguel access to talented cast and crew members from all over France. He is quick to acknowledge that making a good film is a group effort.

*The Kino Movement is social movement that helps people involved in filmmaking find others working in the same field. It brings them together so they can produce quality, low-budget short films, including the music video.

He has a keen eye on culture—in other words, he knows what is important to his audience. In Ultravivant, set to the song “Born Free” by M.I.A., we have a workplace situation many can identify with. As the story progresses, we see events spiraling out of control until the final surprise ending.

But this film is more than what it seems. In a world of social media where most people are passive observers, only seeing the world through the camera lens on their phone, most are immune to the horror that happens right in front of their eyes.

As mentioned above, Miguel is from Brittany — a tourist destination. If you’ve ever lived in a tourist destination, you are all too familiar with the various types of tourists that come your way. Herr One is a fantasy many locals have probably felt when dealing with the obnoxious tourist.

Miguel was the DOP (Director of Photography) on this video and song by Annabella Hawk.

Miguel continually challenges his assumptions and his direction. Fearing that he will succumb to his lazy tendencies (something most creatives fight from time to time), he will fight the urge to end a project just because it is the easy solution. His instinct takes over and guides him through to the end —and when he reaches a certain point in a film, the narrative becomes crystal clear.

Miguel keeps busy producing excellent films, and as part of the Kino Movement, and Kino Caen specifically, he participates in the production of other filmmakers’ films and videos. Here are some of his other projects:

This is a poignant little film seemingly for children.
A beautiful abstract he did for uncle Bernez Tangi.
A compelling short film titled “Near Love Experience.”

Miguel has learned to trust his instincts. And if that doesn’t work, he will change direction, try something different, and make a film that is uniquely his. This is how he keeps busy and active as a film producer. We look forward to seeing his next works.

To see more of his works you can visit his YouTube channel and his website here: https://cidstrike.wixsite.com/migueldebrito.

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