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Friday, January 27, 2023

Kevin Bodin

Multiple Barclay Award winner’s career soars

We found Kevin Bodin three years ago when we saw his video to  “Les Cours Des Lycées,” by Saez. This video was the work of a young artist with an exacting vision of storytelling through film.  His attention to detail and use of slow motion defined his style and helped him create a path to excellence, not just in the music video, but in filmmaking overall. Kevin has inherited a wealth of history in French cinema, and he shows us its future.

The video, which debuted in April, 2019, won the Barclay and has been viewed nearly 2 million times on YouTube. When TikiKiti gave out a Barclay for the best video of 2019, he also won that award. He won his third award this year with his video to “The Bones Of An Idol by the The New Pornographers, when it was the fan favorite in the first TikiKiti International Film Festival.

Monsieur Bodin became very busy after winning his first Barclay Award, producing a video for French artist Naguere’s “De Peu,” and several for artist Ambre Dore,  of which “400 Coups and Karmen stand out. His video to “Moaning Lisa Smile,” by Wolf Alice, is considered by many around here to be one of the best rock music videos ever made.

How does someone like Kevin Bodin get to where he is today?  Well, focus, determination, and hard work have a lot to do with it. “Cinema and the passion to create and invent led me to film my first short videos during my youth: parodies, clips [music videos] and other very amateur films. Despite their childish side, my first films were sincere in substance and were a real outlet for me.

 “Despite a winding path, I managed to enter an audiovisual school with an editing option. This allowed me to make my debut in Paris with small television channels and film production companies. I also started training myself on video by buying my first professional camera. One thing leading to another, I started creating clips [music videos]. Music is the engine of my creations.

Behind the scenes during the production of The New Pornographers "The Bones Of An Idol."

“After 6 years of experience as an employee, I decided to follow my own path by launching myself as an independent director and photographer. This allows me to organize my time as I wish and to have more freedom in my projects.

“Today, I mostly shoot my films in the south-west of France, where I grew up. I am also lucky to have the precious help of my family and passionate relatives, without whom I will not be able to create at this level.”

At TikiKiti we have often talked about how Bodin should be a director of photography on a feature film. We know that someday he will be making his own features. His own goals seem to be more down to earth. “My goal would be to continue to perfect myself on the music video format, which has inspired me since the beginning. I would like to continue working with talented French artists who will be sensitive to my vision and my inspirations. Growing my team and scaling my projects to something bigger would also be ideal.”

Considering his focus and determination, we know it is only a matter of time before Kevin Bodin realizes his goals.

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